Monday, January 9, 2012

Dont Sweat It,

So trying to keep to one of my New Year resolutions but of course I have to look good too. Got some new Nike runners that are so crazy cozy! Also got some work out bras, head bands a pair of leggings and two pairs of pants. And oh my gosh do they feel good! I love these things. Wish I could rock them at work!! But yes today was the first night back at the gym for months. Was on the bike for about half an hour and my legs are now jello! Need to stick to this as I have the bike ride to conquer cancer in June. Its a two day - 200km bike ride to Niagara Falls. I need to raise $2500 alone just to ride so pretty please help me out and donate. I only just started raising the money and now that I have started working out Im committed!

A Beautiful Maybe, <3


  1. I wish I could get into sport activities - I'm just far too lazy!


  2. Love this post! I love these things too!

    Of course, follow your right now! Follow me back?


  3. Love your new workout gear, that's exactly what I need right now. Good luck on your training :)

    xo erica

  4. Awesome work out stuff! I wish I had your determination. Lol. :) Good luck!


  5. Great work out gear!
    Also, thank you so much for your lovely comment


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  6. I have just started working out again too. My body definitely hurts. At least you have some cute running clothes :)

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  7. Hey Shellby! Thanks for visiting Unidentified Lifestyle! I bought a pair of Nike sneakers recently, too. I think they are called "Free"! They're amazing for running!


  8. I am so ashamed to say this but i hate working out, and i really adore people who does :)

  9. Nice sport clothing!!! I'm going to the gym a lot lately cause here it's summer and i don't wanna look like a jelly at the beach :P haha


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