Friday, February 3, 2012

Shoe Box Love,

My new heels from Springs that I got the other day. The brown ones were on sale for $30, was so happy and then of course I had to get a pair of red heels! Also picked up a mask for the party tomorrow night so here is a sneak peek. That should be fun for sure. Oh, and my new favourite chocolates from Chicago.
A Beautiful Maybe, <3


  1. I want summer and the same shoes as you! :) Is it that chocolates delicious?

  2. Oh yes, this guy is love ♥♥♥

  3. beautiful things *-*
    nice blog.

  4. I am literally well with going through your blog! ♥ I mean, I'm glad that you had commented my post and that I checked out yours. Well, you really should and I bet you'll run out of it. It smells good as fuck and you better go and buy some coconut goodies :)

    By the way: I'm going to spend my summer vacation in toronto at my aunts house because I'd really like to go there and to learn more about their/your/canada's culture.
    Anyway, you've really got a good blog and I'll follow you as soon as possible. It's just ... breathtaking.


    1. Awe thanks so much!! And You will love Toronto! xo


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