Thursday, May 16, 2013


Here are a few pictures from my final project in my black and white film class. With the help of my dad, I picked a couple different locations around Toronto and brought this huge mirror around. The idea I had was to capture a beautiful background and still have my reflection in it. This was a self portrait project that I really enjoyed. I did it in film but I also brought along my Rebel to test out some shots so I didn't waist film. I think that they look way better in black and white to as appose to colour. Another fun fact, ,y dad is hiding behind the mirror in each picture to hold it up.

Locations: King Edward Crystal Ball Room, Sheraton Court Yard and Bay Street. More locations for the other pictures that were done like Allan Gardens and Dundas Square.

Huge thanks to my dad and the hotels who gave me access to these beautiful spots. I hope to do another shoot there in the future.

A Beautiful Maybe, 

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