Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Fall Colours,

As the days get shorter and the sun leaves us faster, we can feel that winter is around the corner. I haven't and to much time this week to update my blog because I have been resting trying to fight a cold. But no excuse I know. I have been taking lots of pictures before the sun goes down. I brought my camera to work today to get some of the sunset. I will post them tomorrow evening. Also tomorrow is a very exciting day for me! I have an open house for Ryerson. I get to find out all about the photography course and get all my questions answered. So nervous but yet so excited! Also I have a holiday party to go to with a friend. Time to get all dolled up!! Ill be bringing my camera for that too.
A Beautiful Maybe, <3

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  1. Love fall colors! This is actually the first year I have started to really enjoy fall. That is probably because of the great weather we have had!


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