Monday, November 7, 2011

Last Nights Sunset

On day four and its the big day! I am so nervous I don't even know where to begin. I really hope the wedding pictures turn out tonight!! Im so excited to. So happy for my uncle that he found the perfect one!

Its definitely been a busy couple of days. Lots of pool time and dancing at the disco bar! And the locals are just so friendly. Tomorrow I have a few photo shoots lined up with Shannyn and my dad. Wednesday were going to a little town for some shopping and I believe some cliff diving too, that should be fun. AND on Thursday we are going to swim with the dolphins!! Im so excited for that you don't even know. Its one thing I get to cross off my bucket list! We will also be snorkelling and I think there are sharks and stingrays to swim with too. For sure going to be bringing my underwater camera for that day. Any who, I'm off to the villa to set up for the wedding. Wish me luck!!
A Beautiful Maybe, <3

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