Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Icy Love

Its time to break out the skates and the leg warmers! From a walk a couple nights ago, just happen to have my camera and get a couple cute shots. Its so cute to see all the little kids learning to skate and the couples holding hand and laughing. I really want to go skating... to bad I suck. But I think if I was to go skating Id have to do a little shopping trip first. Leg warmers, long black socks and tacky socks... maybe some tights too. I see a photo shoot on the ice! Just need a model!

Also, just had to point out that I love this vintage Toronto Maple Leafs sweater that he is sporting. Not a big fan even though I love here... But I'm a sucker for vintage!

A Beautiful Maybe, <3


  1. You have got one of the best blogs I have seen recently.Creativity of any kind always attracts me and you are a masterpiece in that.Thanks for sharing so much. I am definitely following you.

  2. i'm your new follower!!!! lovely pics 8)

  3. looks like you had fun, i've never gone ice skating before


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