Saturday, December 10, 2011

Maple Leaf Gardens,

The new Loblaws is in the Maple Leaf Garden Centre is massive. One of the biggest grocery stores I have ever been in I must say. They have everything from a Sushi bar to a huge deli and bakery to a sitting area. If you live down town Toronto you have to go check this place out. You may get lots but its so worth it. Now I'm hungry looking at all the fruit above. Oh how I love fresh fruit.

A Beautiful Maybe, <3


  1. wish there was a bakery and sushi bar where i lived - fab!

  2. Wow your blog is full of beautiful pictures! You're very talented and bautiful :) Love, Lilly

  3. Shelby! We should go check out the sushi bar sometime. :D

    Ps I made my own blog and followed u on bloglovin

  4. Ohhh I was just dreaming of Canada today! Might be a sign....

    A x


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